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Top Cyber Monday Teacher Picks 2018

Why you NEED Science Solvers in your classroom!

Have you ever wondered how am I going to get through teaching energy?!  I have been there!  This seemed like the toughest concept that I saved to teach last to my 5th graders!  I had trouble understanding the level of material myself...while I can't fully help with that I can show you what did work and really engaged my students as well!

For each section we studied, I used these Science Solver cards! Essentially task cards that took our study to a whole new level - let me tell you why.

Pre-K Dinosaur Color By Number/Letter

So now that I have a kiddo myself I have been creating for him and thought I'd share what we have been up to lately.  A little background - he's 3.5 now and is totally into dinosaurs! We have been working on alphabet and counting for awhile but I just now realized that he can do color by number sheets - like DUH! It just had not even occurred to me before now.

I whipped up some sheets that I LOVE! and he does too!

I'll tell ya why I love them:

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