My NEW Chair


So if you're wondering what a teacher like me would love for Christmas, if you guessed a new chair - you were right!! I had rocking chair envy - it being my first year I didn't have a teacher chair - other than a little larger than Kindergarten chair to sit on in the front of the room.  It was fine, I made do but I saw someone that had a rocking chair and I was in LOVE people.  I was cool would that be?!

And look what my mom came up with - a completely redone garage sale chair!  She painted it in my favorite colors and even made a fuzzy reversible seat cover!! I was literally in shock when I opened it!  It is cute and adorable and perfect and comfortable in my room!!  It was literally the perfect gift- I keep it as just my chair for now maybe on a student's birthday they can sit in it?  It's just so special!

Here's another shot of this beauty!!!!

Did I mention that my mom also made these pillows for our reading center, we never have more than 5 there at a time so she used fleece and recovered pillows for us to use!! They each have a spot in the front of my room and can only be used for bottoms or elbows and we have actually followed all those rules :) 

They are soft and make reading comfortable and fun for us!

Ignore how ugly my pictures look - there is no pretty way to pile up the pillow :)

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  1. Your chair is awesome! What a great present from your mom. And those pillows are super cool!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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